Kathy Wiley, BC-HIS, Owner


Kathy Wiley is a Board Certified Hearing Instrument Specialist and Owner of Wiley Hearing Services in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. Born and raised in California, Kathy moved with her parents to Oklahoma in 1967. At age 9, Kathy lost her hearing to German Measles and Mumps, and recalls being treated poorly by those who were supposed to help her hear. This first-hand experience with hearing loss encouraged Kathy to get into the hearing industry and created a passion for her to helping everyone hear. She makes it a priority to treat patients with the utmost respect and help people and families get their lives back. She describes it as, “Turning the world of hearing back on.” 

Kathy has been in the hearing aid industry since 1996 and has owned her own practice since 2004. She graduated with an AA Degree from Tulsa Community College and University of Tulsa, and was voted Best of Bartlesville by the people in 2010. Her specialties in the field include in-home treatment, retirement communities, assisted living, nursing homes, and rehabilitation centers. Kathy wants to help everyone who wants to hear, and make hearing affordable, not a luxury. Her patient philosophy is, “if you can’t hear, you can’t think.”